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February 07 2012


Spokane Photographer

Arel Maurer is really a Spokane photographer who concentrates on artistic and different family photography, secondary school senior portraits, and couples photography. People have to start somewhere, and i am no exception.

Spokane Photographers

Being only 23 years old, I cannot claim that I have Twenty years of photography experience, or i have the most expensive equipment setup. Nor have i got numerous years of experience shooting weddings. Things i will have, will be the gumption to get at that point. We have proven will be able to provide tasteful and imaginative photography while being commendable and considerate with every session. We have only received positive feedback from my clients. Here you'll find is somebody that is truly enthusiastic about the art and contains the need to evolve and think outside of the box.

Spokane Photographer

I promise to create personalized images which are intriquing, notable and unique for your standards. I'm sure you will appreciate everyday my work and stay happy regarding it for several years.

Spokane Photography

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